I help people gain clarity, get motivated, find inspiration and get on with it

Through transformational life coaching, I can help you work out what really makes your heart sing so you can live a more authentic life.  I will work alongside you to help you get unstuck, rediscover what makes your heart sing, unblock your creativity and make a change.
Through training I will energise a room, create a warm, fun space where people can learn deeply and galvinise groups into action.  There's new dates for The Art of Online Creative Facilitation ready to book!
As a Creative Producer I will bring enthusiasm and vision alongside pragmatic organisation to maximise your project's potential, delivered on time and in budget.


The Ickiness of Marketing

Hygge Times

Why is playfulness useful?

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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, I'll be sending out a bumper newsletter with all the juicy details on my upcoming courses and programmes, plus lots of inspiring and creative links for you to delve into when you get the time.


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Online Creative Facilitation

A course on how to deliver brilliant and creative workshops and classes online


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The Little Book of Playfulness

This is a mini zine you can print off and make at home with some little prompts to remind you how much fun it is (and how good for you it is) to play! 


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The Little Book of Hygge

This is a mini zine you can print off and make at home with some little prompts all about the wonderful concept of hygge. So let's get all cosy and dive right in!


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Carpe Diem - The Path Ahead

A free workbook to help you gain clarity on what your goal or goals are. This will give you a structure to delve into what you really want to achieve. 


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