The Coaching Lowdown

Transformational Life Coaching isn't about a coach giving you all the answers.  I believe you are creative, resourceful and whole and that you probably already have all the answers: my job is to help you find them.  I will work alongside you to explore what might be holding you back and help you decide on the future you really want. 

We can explore why you might be stuck, work on a specific life goal or reconnect to your creativity.  There are no wrong answers - I will help you through open questions and reflecting back things you say and sometimes challenging you to see more clearly.  

I've a background in the creative industries and understand the creative process.  Creativity is important for everyone, regardless of your profession.  I can help you be more creative or blast through a creative block that will help you to see things from new perspectives, generate more ideas and increase your curiousity about the world.

Sometimes clients prefer to explore things more broadly.  Other clients are more goal focused and we can get stuck in on an action plan.  Both approaches, and everything in between is allowed and positively encouraged.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at ICF and have completed the diploma in Transformational Coaching at Animas.


"Having Sarah as my career coach has been an insightful experience, so far. She is patient, intuitive and always asks the right questions that enable me to challenge myself." Laura, Scotland

"I would definitely recommend you - your manner is excellent, you challenged appropriately (even on things that weren't specifically about the topic, but that I have thought about a lot since), you had some excellent ideas and identified some paths I would not have thought of. Thank you!!"  Anon, England

Check out recent testimonials, like this one on my LinkedIn profile.

1-2-1 Coaching Package

Ready to commit to making positive change to maximise your potential? 

I offer a 5 session programme which includes:

5 x 1 hour sessions of Transformational Life Coaching which can be weekly, every 10 days or fortnightly.

Check in via email/whatsapp.

Accountability messages if appropriate.

Also, if suitable, signposting to amazing, inspiring resources.

Investment: £350 


Before you invest anything though, you can have a free hour of chat and maybe a little taster of coaching to see if it's right for you and to see if we're a good fit.  I used to offer an introductory call but I felt it didn't go far enough or give my clients a full experience of what being coached by me looks and feels like. 


1-2-1 One Off Coaching Session

Want some coaching but a programme of 5 sessions feels too many?

No problem!  You can book a one-off session with me here.  It will be for 1 hour and take place on zoom.

The agenda of the session is set by you.  We can dive deep into a specific issue, or we can look at a broader prospective.  Whatever feels right for you to gain clarity and work through whatever it is that's holding you back from achieving your goals and leading the happiest, most creative life possible.

Investment: £85




Check in session for previous clients

Hello there old friend!

How's it going?  How are the things we were working on in our 5 session programme?

Fancy a bit of a check in to see whats what?  Need some accountability or just some time back in our familiar place reducing the white noise and getting crystal clear on the path ahead?

Whatever the goal, whatever the format, I'd be delighted to see you again.

Investment: £75



S A R A H   L O N G F I E L D