The Coaching Lowdown

I offer transformational life coaching and creative business coaching (or a combination of the two).  I believe in transparency, so I'm not going to make you scroll the whole page to find out the price... (a five session package is £350 or it's £85 for a one-off session - different options are at the bottom of the page).
In general, sessions are an hour long, on zoom and can be booked at a time that suits you - I give you access to my calendar.  Most sessions are within 10am-5pm GMT(/BST) Mon-Fri but some evenings are available.
I work with artists and creatives (across all art forms, with specialism in theatre, writing, craft and visual art), entrepreneurs and people across the creative sector.  (I also work with people who are inherently creative but maybe not in their careers).
I follow the core competancies of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and totally subscribe to their principle that every client I work with is "Creative, Resourceful and Whole".
What you want to bring to coaching will be personal to you: you get to set the agenda.  Here's some recent topics clients have brought to explore and gain clarity on:
  • What's next for me? (In terms of career and also creative output)
  • How can I turn the volume up on me and down on everyone else?
  • I want to rediscover the belief in myself
  • What does success look like for me?
  • How can I market my business authentically?
  • How can I make space and prioritise my time?
  • I want to find my voice (again)  
Any of those ring a bell?  Book a call with me and we can explore it and see if we're a good fit together.
I also offer mentoring, but let's be really clear that mentoring is not coaching.  Mentoring is giving advice, signposting clients to opportunities or different resources.  Coaching is non-directive.  I believe you have all the answers within you and it's my job to ask the powerful questions to let them out.  In coaching you will work harder but the impact will last much longer.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF, which means I have completed over 100 hours coaching, 123 hours of training, undertaken a course of mentoring, submitted a coaching recording and sat an exam.  I am fully insured and have a coach supervisor.
If you're looking at other coaches (and why not? Audition a few!) the things to look for are:
  • Accredited Training (through a recognised coaching body: ICF, EMCC or ACC)
  • Supervision - does the coach work with a supervisor to ensure they are delivering best practice?
  • Insurance - professional indemnity and, if not online, public liability.
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My life before coaching was stressful! I'd just quit my job and I wasn't completely sure of the direction my life was going to take. I had a vague idea about my 'calling' but wasn't sure how to make a start or turn it into a viable business…  During coaching, you helped me to believe in myself and to acknowledge that I'm more than capable of running a business and being successful.

You pushed me to get started (I'm a chronic over-thinker) and you were there as a source of support and guidance as my business vision began to come to life… I felt very cared for and considered!

Suzy McCafferty, Radical Joy


I knew I needed to break some bad habits and I knew that in order do to that I would need help. Coaching seemed the answer and of all the coaches I looked at, I liked your outlook the best.

I realised that I actually knew what I needed to do, I had known it for some considerable time. I just had not asked myself the right questions and nor did I expect to know the answer. You asked me those questions and waited for me to answer. So I answered.

I am writing everyday, I have plans and a vision of how I want things to go. I am daring to dream and raring to go.

Sara Allkins, Writer


I have made connections with people that I would never have dreamt about putting myself in front of. I have considered and acted upon ideas that have been swimming about my head for years.

Thanks to your support, encouragement and belief, I feel I can aim for what I want to happen in my career and have the resilience to understand that it might not happen right away, but can happen.

Laura Lightbody, Ceramicist

1-2-1 Coaching Package

Click button below for more information on my 1-2-1 coaching packages available.  My packages are divided into blocks of 5.  For some, one block is enough to work through a particular time or theme, but others book a series of blocks to have that regular check in, cheerleader and friendly challenger in their corner.

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1-2-1 One Off Coaching Session

Click button below for more information on my 1-2-1 one off coaching sessions available.

If a block of sessions feels a bit big, try a one off session to delve into an issue or try coaching out.

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Check-In Sessions for Previous Clients

If you have worked with me before and looking to book in more sessions, click button below for more information

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