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I’m originally from Slough.  The cheery place where the UK version of The Office is set and where Uranus was discovered.  I could go on with Slough facts, but maybe that’s just a distraction.

I’ve a degree in Drama and a post grad MA in Cultural Performance from the University of Bristol & Welfare State International. At the start of my career, I worked as a theatre director and drama facilitator.  From 2001 to 2014, I was Artistic Director of Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre where I worked with thousands of young people in some of Glasgow's most deprived communities, empowering them to create their own theatre and support them to engage in decision making.  Half of our board were young people.  When I left, Toonspeak was SCVO's Charity of the Year.

In 2014, I was commissioned by Creative Scotland to create a theatre piece, "3, 6 & 36" with my kids (the title is our ages at the time) about our family's experience of the Commonwealth Games coming to town. Since 2014 I have founded and developed a couple of micro social enterprises, See Think Make and Mrs Magooty.  I’ve run these alongside various freelance projects as a producer and consultant. 

I still keep my creative skills flowing through being the creative producer on projects.  Currently that includes finding creative and artistic ways to tell the story of illicit whisky with the National Trust for Scotland.

I have been coaching people in one way or another for years, but wanted an opportunity to focus on it and deepen my learning and skills.  I also wanted to develop a side of my portfolio of work which was directly connected to the client, so in 2020 I embarked on a Transformational Life Coaching diploma with Animas Centre for Coaching, gaining the diploma in August 2020.

Life coaching is incredibly rewarding and energising for me.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it is a real privilege to work alongside people, challenging and supporting them to become more authentic versions of themselves.

I also run training and consult for a variety of arts and third sector organisations across the UK.  Training in 2021 is focused around delivering creative facilitation online.  We can see zoom as an uncomfortable lesser alternative, or we can see it as a fabulous different way of working with great creative potential.  I see it as the latter!

I'm a fellow of the RSA and an ArtWorks Alliance Member.

And I'm a mum, a daughter, a friend, a baker, a maker and a joker.

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