A bit about me

I am a creative business and life coach, based in Glasgow, Scotland but originally from Slough in England.

I have a background in theatre, with a BAhons in Drama and an MA in Cultural Performance, both from the University of Bristol.  From 2001 to 2014, I was Artistic Director of award winning Toonspeak Young People's Theatre in Glasgow.

In 2014, as part of the culture programme for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games, I created a piece of theatre with my kids called 3, 6 & 36 which were their ages at the time.

Since then I've produced a range of different participatory arts and creative engagement projects, including several heritage focused projects for the National Trust for Scotland and in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland.  Read more about that here.

I founded and led social enterprise, See Think Make from 2014 - 2021 which was the training, development and support agency for Arts Award in Scotland. I also run a micro social enterprise, Mrs Magooty, which seeks to alieviate social isolation in older women through beadwork.

I love delivering training online, and since 2020, have trained hundreds of people in facilitation skills, Arts Award, writing techniques, positive mindset, business skills and more, all from the end of my dining table at home.

My proudest achievements have to be my two excellent kids, but I'm also proud of my ability to bounce back when faced with difficult stuff, my good pirate attitude and also my lovely home which I have invested time and money in to making a creative, safe and cosy space for us.

My blog is personal.  You can definitely get a good idea of who I am and what makes my heart sing over there.  Or you can just book in a chat and come work with me!

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