Training and Facilitation


From my background as a theatre maker, director and drama worker, to my current portfolio career as coach and creative producer, I've been facilitating training all the time. 
I've delivered workshops for all sorts of people, from all walks of life, aged 1-101.
In the past year, with the move to virtual and now hybrid delivery for anyone who facilitates groups of people, I have been supporting through The Art of Online Creative Facilitation training. 
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I also deliver courses, workshops, classes and other ways of getting people informed, enthused and galvinised into action.  Recent topics have included:
  • Facilitation skills: working with a range of targeted audiences
  • The Art of Co-Production
  • Teamwork (specifically around small film teams)
  • Partnerships and working across sectors
  • How to write compelling copy and tell stories that feel authentic
  • Topics such as overcoming imposter syndrome, learning when to say no, values and how to delegate, automate and eliminate to drive success
  • How to be a good pirate
  • Arts Award UK training panel for Trinity College London
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