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   Seize the day make those changes stick!

A self-guided life coaching programme that will help you gain clarity on the change you want to happen in your life.


The Carpe Diem course is perfect for you if:

You know you want to make changes but feel a bit stuck

Like so many, you feel you are languishing (not in crisis, but not thriving either) and want to get out of that state

You’ve got that big project you want to achieve but you’re procrastinating and it’s not happening

You know where you want to go and what you what to do, but you could do with a bit of help

You’d like to try out coaching, but perhaps that’s not financially viable just now

What is provided within this course:


Here you will find out how this course works and get yourself set up right to really seize the day.


Exploring what your foundations are will help you achieve your dreams.  Nailing down what, right now, are your core values, what are your strengths, your passion and your purpose will help you on this journey.  Create some anchors so when things go a bit wobbly or when the mojo pops off for a mini break, you can call on these tools to reset and move forward.

Dream It!

The wonderful delicious bit of imagining how things could be.  Take some proper time out, invest in yourself and manifest where you want to get to.  Visualising it makes it so much more likely to happen too!

Making it happen

So you’ve had a chance to dream.  Now let’s kick some butt (i.e. yours) and get that plan into action.  You know where to get to, but the whole thing can feel overwhelming.  Break it down into manageable milestones, anticipate the challenges and get others to help with accountability.

Savour the moment

It can be a long journey.  Your brain, heart and soul will love you more if you acknowledge the small wins along the way.  Take time to savour the moment, celebrate the progress and keep yourself motivated.


What is the Cost?

The self-led Carpe Diem course is £99


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VIP offer includes 2 x 1 hour coaching sessions PLUS access to Carpe Diem (self-led online course) for £250

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About Sarah:

Sarah Longfield is a facilitator, transformational coach and creative producer, with a background in theatre and participatory arts practice.  Sarah was Artistic Director of Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland for 13 years.

As a coach she trained with Animas Centre of Coaching and is an Associate Credentialed Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She works with private clients and delivers interactive group programmes.  Recent facilitation clients include Tate Galleries/National Galleries of Scotland - for a webinar on Co-Production, Cartoon Saloon - an Oscar nominated animation studio who Sarah is working with to develop a new outreach programme and train some of their animators in facilitation skills.

Her creative producer roles are wide ranging, including most recently a public engagement programme for the National Trust of Scotland around the archaeology of illicit whisky.

Sarah is also a cultural entrepreneur having founded several arts focused social enterprises, including Mrs Magooty which produces craft retreats and workshops to address issues of social isolation in older women.

She grew up in a house called Carpe Diem.  What a brilliant sentiment to share a childhood with! 




What is the Cost?

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