Carpe Diem…The Path Ahead

 Identify and get crystal clear on your goals

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This worksheet will help you gain clarity on what your goal or goals are. 

It gives you a little bit of structure to delve into what you really want to achieve. This is the first step on the Carpe Diem programme. 


About Sarah:


Sarah is a transformational coach, facilitator and creative producer.

She has decades of experience in making exciting things happen and now she’s condensed that wisdom into Carpe Diem to help you!


Feedback about Sarah:

“Sarah has a really approachable and human presence so you feel that you can trust her.”

“Sarah offers suggestions and advice as the facilitator/navigator/creator of this course with openness, lived experience and wisdom, strength and flexibility. Without ever coming across as false, her passion for her own path of life coaching and the care for the people participating in Carpe Diem is highly apparent. And she never tries to be superhuman or a guru.”

“She is so gentle and down to earth so it brings it all together with understanding and a smile!”