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Carpe Diem

£99.00 GBP 

What you'll get:

  • A self-guided life coaching programme that will help you gain clarity on the change you want to happen in your life
  • The course includes 5 modules covering:
    • Module 1 - Introduction
    • Module 2 - Foundations
    • Module 3 - Dream It!
    • Module 4 - Making it Happen
    • Module 5 - Savour the moment 

About Your Teacher:

This course has been designed by transformational coach and facilitator, Sarah Longfield who has been supporting people to make stuff happen (mostly creative stuff) all her career.

If this course is lighting a fire, do book in a call here to talk to Sarah about taking it further.

What People Are Saying:

Sarah’s Carpe Diem programme has evidently been borne from a mixture of passion, insight, creative flair and lived experience. There is a quiet and generous wisdom to its structure, one which offers a solid framework from start to (ongoing) conclusion but also much scope and flexibility for each individual’s unique personality. Even during the more challenging moments, there is still a lightness of touch and empathic regard, plus a vibrant combination of fun and graft (read ‘renewing focus and personal responsibility’). In all of the videos, Sarah presents with forthright honesty and clarity. She clearly believes in the life coaching process, but never in a dogmatic or overly evangelical way. The path to progress can often be riddled with giving things a try, mistakes and vulnerability, and Sarah places a subtle emphasis on these in her delivery. In short – I trusted what she was saying and how she was saying it. If you are wanting to move forward in your life in some way and wish to address issues big or small that ‘hold you back’ I would utterly recommend giving Sarah’s excellent Carpe Diem a go.

Howie Reeve

The past 2 years have really made me question what i do, how i work and how i prioritise personal and professional aspirations. The opportunity to do carpe diem came to me at a time when significant change was about to happen. I had already made the decision to make the change, but the course really helped confirm i was doing the right thing, and gave me some concrete plans for moving forwards. I was most struck by the results of my strengths quiz and realised that how i perceive myself is probably not how i really am. It also helped me understand why there are certain types of tasks/work that i find really difficult and i'll be thinking about how to make life easier in the future! I feel like the workbook full of notes will be a really useful resource to help decision making and keep me on track when i lose focus. And i feel like i covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time - doing it didn't feel like a big commitment, but i have certainly walked away with a load of new insights and ideas.

Abbie Wallace

I loved the idea of a chance to work things out for myself through a course I could complete in my own time. Since completing the course, I've resolved to start the new year by focusing on ME! The course has motivated me to take charge of my life again, which is huge as I've been stuck in limbo for what feels like a very long time. I have a much clearer understanding and acceptance of who I am, and have a renewed confidence in what I want to do. Having Sarah as my own personal cheerleader through the course was a real joy. Her bright and relentlessly encouraging approach really helped. My biggest insight was around why accountability is such a useful tool for me. Talk about lightbulb moment! If you're feeling confused about who you are and what to do next in life, do this course!

Helen Bain

You are in for a treat! This course will help you grab the bull by its horns and get stuff done. Sarah will guide you through some foundational work and then gets you to visualise your dream. You will set your milestones and an accountability network so that achieving your goal(s) is as easy as pie.

Regina Dundelova

Carpe Diem is a course for you if you have a goal you're passionate about achieving however feel there are things getting in the way you want to work through... The course includes a great visualisation exercise that really struck me (which i was quite surprised about) which has given me a picture of my future to help motivate me when facing my challenges. The course is very easy to follow with a great workbook you can use to note down everything and i'll keep adding to, as i reflect more. I most liked the videos as these make the course more "interactive" as such for an online course. Sarah has a lovely, friendly, personable and humorous nature making the course a very enjoyable experience. If you're considering signing up to this course i would say do it! Sarah has created a course format that means you can complete it in spite of time pressures or other responsibilities and one that you will enjoy as well as come away with new insights and a great plan of how to celebrate when you achieve your goal!

Laura Murphy

Sarah has pitched it just right, all the steps and straightforward but pack a punch, and will give you the tools to achieve.

David Kershaw

The course is really accessible, and in themed stages that are easy to complete and give full focus to, even when your life is hectic!

Elaine Addington