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Welcome to the very first of my Monthly Musings

This is a new newsletter coming out once a month… on the third Wednesday of the month in fact.

For those of you who are receiving this on the 15th of September, consider yourselves in the hallowed golden circle.  I’ll not forget who you are, you early adopters you.  I know some of you previously signed up to my website and got an email when I posted a new blog.  This Monthly Musing is an attempt not to spam you when I get over enthusiastic with lots of blog posts, but put it all in one neat and tidy email for you.

SO on with the news!

Why? Because we all need more iof it.  Well, us adults do anyway.  As we age our seriousness can so heavily weigh us down.

Way back at the beginning of the pandemic, my first blog for my shiny new coaching website was on playfulness.  It runs through my very core.  You can read that here.  I just reread it thinking I might feel the angst of the writer reviewing their earlier work whilst cringing, but actually I didn’t cringe.  It’s a good overview on playfulness and I thoroughly recommend it!

I’ve often bemoaned the fact that the school system stamps the creativity out of many children and young people.  It divides people into types: arty; sporty; science nerd, which as we all know is utter hogwash.  We can all be creative and active and curious and silly and… so many other things.  In fact, it’s taken me all of my adult life up till now to really rewrite the story that I’m not “a sporty type” and can proudly say I have been to more yoga, pilates and (a’hem) dance aerobics in the last month than I have in ages.

Which gets me to my point… playfulness is also knocked out of us as we grow up and if we want to keep doing it, it’s something you have to fight for.  You have to fight against those stories in your head about productivity and being a “proper” grown up and all the stuff you feel you should be doing to be a successful impressive adult.  

You might also need to fight against external expectation.  I’ve often experienced eye-rolling from friends and family when I’m being playful.  I now surround myself with people who love me for who I am, which includes that naughty twinkle in my eye when there’s mischief to make or something to get childishly excited about.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck about it, here’s a ridiculously long list to prompt as playfulness shows up in lots of different ways but, as I say in my blog, Playfulness is alert, active, engaged and curious

so with that in mind here’s some ways to be playful…

  • Go on a walk and skip for a bit (when no one is looking, if you feel a bit self conscious about it)

  • Have a kitchen disco

  • Check out the Blob Opera. SO much fun

  • Do a puzzle.  The i newspaper has the best puzzles IMO.  There is another paper that shall not be named that some of my older relatives like to buy “because of the puzzles” but it’s also full of hate so deffo not on this playful list

  • Do a craft – it doesn’t need to be full on creation.  Buy a simple kit and get making

  • Have a game of cards… solitaire if alone and if you want a proper challenge I once mastered Canasta and can fully recommend that!

  • Blutac little notes or pictures round the house… maybe it’s a quiz, maybe it’s just because they make you smile

  • Doodle

  • Make an origami fortune teller (and ignore the fact this website says “for kids” pah!)

  • Have a little quiet conversation with a bug or a flower in the garden or the park

  • Arrange your books in colour order (those of you who have been on zoom with me know that I like that… AND it gives you massive kudos, but essentially it’s just playing)

  • Write a poem

  • Book a coaching session with me to create a playful action plan!  (Couldn’t resist… newsletters are supposed to sell stuff, right?)

  • Impress your friends with your wonderful (in)ability to do different accents.  I delighted my friends on Saturday with my Australian which was more South African with a hint of Welsh.  My Geordie accent is even worse.

  • Pretend your kitchen utensils have a personality and are acting out the most exciting soap opera when your back is turned

  • Play a board game. Current favourite of mine is Harry Potter Cluedo.

  • Don’t step on the cracks

  • Have a play with Chrome Music Lab.  My favourite is Kandinsky.  If you make circles it turns into a little choir.

  • Find the hidden shapes in the clouds

  • Have a running race with someone.  Always much more fun if it involves obstacles too.

  • Jump in a puddle when no one is looking

  • And if all else fails and life gets too much, just click on this one and make everything ok again.

I’ve started putting out a little book review every Friday.  Here’s the ones which have been out so far

Finally, I’m sure you’ve seen it, but I’m offering some free sessions in return for a donation to Alopecia UK.  If you or someone you know would like a 1 hour coaching session in the next couple of weeks, do get in touch.  And if you haven’t already and would like to just chip in a couple of quid to my fundraiser, you can do so here.

I’ve not yet decided on the theme of next month’s newsletter so if you’ve got an idea, do let me know.  And please do tell me what you think about this little email and whether it’s made you a little bit more playful or not?  I’d love to hear from you!




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