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It’s just that time of year to really focus on the simple good things in life.  Whether you’re an Autumn/Winter enthusiast, or whether it drags you down (or like most, a bit of both), bringing some hygge in can really help and I’d be as bold as to say its not just for downtime – you can hyggeligt all areas of your life!

Wondering what the hell I’m on about?  Well have a read of my latest blog post for the lowdown here

Taking the time to invest in yourself and get clear on what you want to achieve is a brilliant thing.  It can feel like a total indulgence, but it can make all the difference between languishing and thriving.  (See links below if you’re wanting more info on languishing).

So often I spend time with clients who have come to me with a specific goal in mind, like making a big life or work change, and we actually spend quite a lot of time on how to cultivate more self compassion.

I feel hygge is a big part of that.  It’s about being present and making the space you inhabit and the things you do really cosy, comfortable and blooming lovely.  Sometimes that can take some planning.  

If you’d like to give transformational coaching a shot, you can book a free initial hour with me. 

Here’s some links and thoughts that might be useful, or inspiring, or put a smile on your face…

  • Last Winter, I created this Facebook group, Welcome The Winter Warmly.  Whilst not specifically hygge themed, it’s pretty much all about it!  Lots of chat about warming yummy food, twinkling lights, cosy socks and anything which can make the dark mornings and evenings more lovely.  You’d be so welcome to join us!
  • If you’d like to know more about languishing, the term describing a particular state of being caused or exacerbated by the pandemic, it was coined in this NY Times article.  I find it very useful as a way of articulating those “meh” days.
  • There’s lots of hyggeligt articles on here, in this fab blog by Jo Kneale.
  • I’m not in anyway benefiting from this, but wanted to give a shout out to Can To Candles.  Last year, in the Welcome the Winter Warmly group, I asked for candle recommendations and treated myself to a range.  The Winter candle from Can To was far superior to any others.  Just gorgeous.  Still smells as wonderful as it did the day I bought it and despite quite heavy use last winter, is still going strong.

  • It’s on my to do list to order curtains for my living room.  I redecorated last summer and just had blinds last winter.  Too draughty!  There’s only one fabric I’m willing to consider and it couldn’t be more hygge.  Velvet.  Here’s some reasons why it’s so fabulous.

  • I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but sharing food together, especially at home is very hygge.  Here’s some inspiration if cooking up a storm in the kitchen makes you happy.  Jamie Oliver is always a go to for party food for me – his recipes don’t need precision… which is good as I’m rubbish at that in the kitchen!

  • Embrace the fairy light!  They’re not just for woo woo types or tweenage girls and certainly not just for Christmas.  Oh no.  They can maybe anyone’s life better.  I feel the author of this article is my sister from another mister… excellent fairy light advice!

  • Some cosy hygge images to look at and feel a bit warmer inside.

  • And if all else fails and life gets too much, just click on this one and make everything ok again.  


For you lovely Monthly Musing subscribers only, I have added ALL of November Friday book reviews to the secret book review page on my website.  There’s 4 there waiting for you:

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Wintering by Katherine May

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Fierce Self Compassion by Dr Kristin Neff

There’s also all the other book reviews I’ve put out since 27th August when I started doing it.  Not run out of books yet by any means so will keep going!

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I’m currently in the beta testing phase of a very exciting self-paced course which will launch in January.  Over 5 modules, the course will take you from a vague idea of where you want to get to and what goals you might want to achieve to a concrete plan of how you’re going to smash it, doing it your way.

I am looking for 10 beta testers to test the 5 module course for free in return for feedback.

If you would like to apply as a beta tester, click the button below.

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I’m not going to shoe-horn a hygge link in here, but I’d make suggest that my facilitation style has some elements of hygge in it! 😉

Anyway, it would be remiss of me not to mention my workshops with dates now available for January, February and March.

I’ve delivered this training for loads of organisations and over 250 people have come along, but I’ve never offered it on my own website before.  If you’d like to inject a bit more creativity into your facilitation, especially if that’s online, then this could be for you!  

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