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I am constantly reading books on it, living and breathing it, thinking about how it works, why it sometimes leaves us, how it affects us and how to break through all those tricky resistances to unleash it. It can be tortuous; it can be difficult but there is no greater feeling than when our creativity truly is in full flow!

I have the privilege of coaching a lot of creatives. Currently, I’m working with several writers, some theatre makers and a ceramist. All are fascinating, brilliant women. So much of the creative process, whether at your writing desk, in your studio, or at the laptop trying to conjure new ideas is a solo act. And it’s really hard! Coaching can help with accountability, support and perhaps the most universally useful thing shared across all clients is the opportunity to say things out loud to someone who is listening deeply, gaining clarity in the process.

If you’d like to give transformational coaching a shot, you can book a free initial hour with me.

Several of you lovely folk said you enjoyed the playfulness links and ideas I put in last month’s newsletter, so here’s some creativity ones to get those juices flowing!

  • This has got to be one of the most engaging and delightful drawing-based things I’ve ever found on the internet. It’s wonderful!  
  • Follow the Artists Way ideas and take yourself on an artist’s date… where would you go to nurture your inner artist? I’d always be happy wandering around an art gallery, especially if I had time to saunter. Also the beach and watching the sea is full of inspiration for me. Or just going for a drive and seeing a bit more horizon unlocks creativity for me too.
  • Find your inner child with these playful artworks (combining last month’s theme of playfulness AND this months of creativity. Get in!)
  • MAKE SPACE! I’m serious about that. Hence the caps.  As Steve Chandler wrote in The Prosperous Coach, busy-ness is laziness. We can all make ourselves busy. But space is where the magic happens. Hell yes! It’s hard to justify. It’s hard to shut up your negativity bias and stop all those pesky safety behaviours but battle on through and make some space… then you’ll be at your most creative.
  • Have a browse through all of google’s doodles in one place.  
  • And if all else fails and life gets too much, just click on this one and make everything ok again. (The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen this one before, but it’s so darn good I think I’m going to keep it as a regular feature). 

Ready to flex your origami mastery? Here’s a delightful little freebie that you can download, print out, fold up and turn into an adorable mini zine all about playfulness.

What’s not to love, people? Enjoy!

The October dates are nearly full, but there’s still a couple of spaces and plenty on the November dates for my Art of Online Creative Facilitation courses.  I’ve delivered this training for loads of organisations and over 250 people have come along, but I’ve never offered it on my own website before.  If you’d like to inject a bit more creativity into your facilitation, especially if that’s online, then this could be for you! 

Book your place here.

I’ve started putting out a little book review every Friday. Here’s the ones which have been out so far. On this month’s theme, you might want to pick the review on Creativity by John Cleese, and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but feel free to browse!

Thanks to all of you lovely folk who donated to my fundraiser for Alopecia UK last month. Much appreciated. There were around 60 charity champions all raising funds and a whopping 30k was raised during Alopecia Awareness Month. A huge amount for a little charity which will go on supporting alopecia sufferers, raising awareness and research.  

I did my bit of awareness raising including my blog being published in the Daily Record and here in The Herald. I got some really heart-warming feedback from fellow alopecia areata sufferers that the blog helped them, which was the key thing I wanted to achieve. I’ll stop flashing my baldy bits now!




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